An unexpected treasure hunt…

Today, for my first blog post I’m telling Part I of the story of an amazing adventure that took me many steps forward in the creation of Too Deep for Tears .I’d started out with an editor’s advice and combined my three main settings by creating three daughters of a british diplomat: Ailsa in Scotland, Li-an in China, and Genevra in India-I found myself wondering where to go with each section of the story. I worked in my head and on my notes, and though some things began to take shape, others eluded me.
Until I spent the night with my then agent. (Yes, she’s the one to whose pajamas I refer, but that’s a story for another day.)She was Hungarian and passionate and the first agent to love Child of Awe. She was friend and confidante and generous with me to a fault. She got my first four book published, and I believe she loved me. I know I loved her. On this particular night, I was telling her I wasn’t quite sure where to go in my new, complicated book. She seemed to be thinking of something else. But after awhile, she went to her jewelry chest and motioned me to sit beside her.One by one she took out amazing pieces: rings, necklaces, earrings and brooches. The best ones were wonderful because each had a story, which she told me-sometimes in full, sometimes just a mysterious tantalizing fragment. She held me in thrall. When I put my hand out and touched an antique brooch, she said, “You tell me.” It wasn’t the sort of jewelry I would normally like, but it touched me somehow. “It was passed down through a family for generations, until someone had to leave it behind. As a symbol.” She smiled softly, and I felt chills run up my arms. I knew I would use that somehow in my book. And so I did. But you have to read the book to find out how.

To be continued…brooch

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