The Rebound Effect

A post I really like from an author and friend I’m coming to admire more and more. Thanks, Ceci.

Ceci Giltenan, Author

pointing finger
Someone once told me, “When you point your finger at someone, remember you have three fingers on the same hand pointing back at you.”

I cannot claim to be perfect, but I try not to point fingers. I especially try not to point at other authors and criticize. I read a lot of books that I love and I read others that I don’t love. I don’t leave many reviews. Before I was an author, I didn’t realize how important they were. Now I only leave reviews of books that I enjoy because I simply cannot bring myself to criticize someone else. I would also never write a blog post where I presumed to criticize another author’s work. Period. It isn’t that I couldn’t find things to criticize, even my favorite historical romances of all times have the odd thing that I don’t quite love in them, but I choose…

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