Come share with me why Audrie Clifford (80 years old) has recently started publishing — the woman has something to say

A tender, honest look at a book called DIMENSIONS and the amazingly honest woman who wrote it–at 80.

Booktalk with Eileen: Journaling a Journey -- Learning the Art of Crafting a Novel

Audrie Clifford recent photo We’re back with author Audrie Clifford 18056067 today. I met her when I won a copy of one of her books Maggie Whitson from GoodReads. When I contacted her saying I hadn’t received the book she willingly sent me another one even though she had sent one earlier. It’s a charming story (fiction) about an old woman who finds herself not as independent as she’d like and has to spend time in an ‘old folks home’. Here’s the link to my review.

Audrie and I just sort of click. You know how it is when you meet someone and you feel completely at ease? We have been trading emails back and forth since last summergetting to know each other. What is astounding to me about Audrie is that the woman is 80 years old, feisty and bold. She sayshow it is. Sometimes, that could be off-setting, but I found it…

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