Here is my interview with Sue-Ellen Welfonder

A wonderfully entertaining interview with with Sue-Ellen Welfonder, one of my sister Guardians of Chride.


Name: Sue-Ellen Welfonder
Age: Early 50s. I’m a child of the 1960’s. Every decade is an adventure and I see myself blessed to have experienced each one so far.
Where are you from: Florida, but I’ve also lived in Texas. Most of my adult life was spent in Germany, so I feel most at home there. I’m currently in Florida (because of business), but will be returning to Germany. (Munich)
A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc: After college, I continued to study languages and achieved my dream, becoming an airline stewardess. I worked for the airlines for 23 years, flying international as (German) foreign language speaker on 747s. Through my airline career, I met and married my German husband, which is why I lived in Munich for so many years. I’ve been writing romantic fiction (Scottish medievals) since the release of my first book, Devil…

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