The Scrolls of Cridhe Hunks 5 – My Chat with Robert

Ah, that Robert Hamilton; he can be a handful!

SEELKs fire & ice

Hello and welcome!

Today I have another visiting hero from “Highland Winds” anthology.


I am prepared you see… I have my drool rag handy, glass of ice tea ready and a bucket of ice beside my chair, because as you know The Guardians of Cridhe like to spring heart-palpitating eye candy on me 😉

He walks in and… popping an ice cube in my mouth, I motion him to the arm chair opposite me… SIGH… Thank you Kathryn Lynn ❤

5 Robert


What is your full name?
Robert Preston Hamilton.

Do you have a nickname?
Weel, it depends on what ye mean by a nickname.

What is one word that best describes you?
Complicated. Or conflicted. Or passionate. Or curious. Scratch that last. Makes me sound like a heartless oaf—which I’m no’.
I have to tell you, I didn’t know what to think of you when I started to read your…

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