coverfinalmd-weaveformeadreamcovefinalmd-singtomeofdreamsJust a touch of the upcoming Weave for Me a Dream (sequel to Sing to Me of Dreams ) to tempt you–I hope.

Julian Ivy has accidentally discovered his mother’s journal in a trunk in the attic.

“Jamie stands, face turned toward the sky, though he does not absorb the light from the sun. Rather, I think the sun absorbs its light from him, for he is brilliant with dreams.”

Julian was stunned. In an instant, Simone had brought the inspired father of his youth back to him. He had seen Jamie stand just so, before he lost his faith; he had felt the beauty of a sunset pale before the power of his father’s dreams. But he had not tried to put into words that feeling of awe and incredulity. That his mother could have done so both shocked and secretly pleased him. The words blurred into wavering lines.